XCMG Environment Technology Guarantees the Environmental Construction of Qiqihar

On March 15, X1 new generation of environmental equipment with the total value of more than 20 million of XCMG Environment Technology Co., Ltd. was delivered to Qiqihar City, and a vehicle delivery ceremony with the theme of “Cooperate to Create Beautiful Homes” was held in the environmental  management department of this area. On the vehicle delivery site, batches of environmental equipment of XCMG Environment Technology Co., Ltd. were accepted in order.

28 pieces of XCMG environmental equipment are purchased for the garbage transfer project, and the products include detachable container garbage truck, mobile station, kitchen waste collection truck and sewage suction truck, which provides hardware guarantee for the effective treatment mechanism of domestic waste and will improve the environmental sanitation level.

Cooperate to Create Beautiful Environment

Hulan Ergi District of Qiqihar is a famous industrial town and it has made great contributions to the construction and development of China’s industry. In recent years, Hulan Ergi District has been performing reform and transformation and enhancing the pollution control. The idea of environmental sanitation and environmental protection is being gradually promoted, and there are higher requirements for  living environment.

Environmental industry is the emerging strategy of XCMG, and XCMG is also one of the enterprises enjoying the rapidest development in the industry, and it always insists on producing high quality, intelligent product with low energy consumption, solving the various difficulties in urban governance. XCMG X1 new generation of environmental equipment integrates the top class technical resource of XCMG Research Institute, European Research Center, US Research Center and Brazil Research Center, and the manufacturing is based on domestic advanced intelligent manufacturing system. The full-chain complete set of environmental equipment is all-round: “ground+ aboveground+ underground”, adding new power for the development of China’s environmental industry. The series garbage collection and transportation equipment delivered for Hulan Ergi District  can meet the garbage collection and transportation requirements, and it will promote the building of living environment of Hulan Ergi District and make contributions to building of clean city.

High Quality Service Gives Higher Value to Customers

XCMG Environment Technology Co., Ltd. raised the high quality service idea of “2+1” full life circle while providing excellent products, providing customized guarantee plan for each user. At present, XCMG Environment Technology Co., Ltd. has formed the great service team and over ten service points and spare parts points.

After the vehicles are delivered, a series of training, service and spare parts support work will be developed according to plan, so as to guarantee the normal use of the products. During the subsequent maintenance service, XCMG ensures that the response will be immediately made within 15 min after receiving the repair application information, and that problem will be solved within 24 h. In addition, the service personnel of XCMG Environment Technology Co., Ltd. will visit the customers on a regular basis; actively help users inspect the vehicles, collect customers’ suggestions and feed them back to the headquarter, creating the service brand of “Gold Public Praise” by practical actions.